Nesting software

Hi guys.
What’s a good free nesting software I can use?
I tried but I keep getting inaccurate sizes.
Its because of the svg scale in the settings. I played around with the scale. The closest I am getting it at the moment is …it cuts a 27mm x 27mm square but the file is 25.4mm x 25.4mm

You should look into Fusion360. They have a nesting feature now and are planning on a number of improvements for future updates.

They’re changing the free version’s features. Going to be mostly useless now.

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That’s a bummer, the software looks amazing! I’m still going to check it out. I also saw the mighty cripple hammer for Fusion 360 is bringing the thunder in two weeks. Projects limited to 10, no STEP exporting. I guess I need to start downloading my projects.

Elaborate please. Must be something I’m unaware of. The current “arrange” feature in Fusion360 has already saved me days worth of CAD time (no joke). If this is changing to uselessness I’d be interested in how. A link or something from a site will suffice.

Announced today

We’ve been talking about it in a thread over here:

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FWIW, OnShape has a community feature that does some basic nesting. AutoLayout I believe it’s called, although it only works if all the parts are created in the same part studio… I don’t know how intelligent it is when it comes to concave shapes, though.

Oh crap. I guess I’ll have to go read the other thread, no dxf that’s a killer for me, hope there’s more to this.


Maybe all is not lost if I can still make a dxf this way. have you seen this? giving me inaccurate cuts.
…hole designed at 12.75" came out 12.875"
…hole designed at 11.25" came out 11.1875
…a rectangler part 7" x 8" came out 7.0625" x 8".

The same cad file if cut in estlcam without using deepnest the part comes out on point!!!
But estlcam giving me a headache when i try to open more than 2 files in one project
Although i am using file 》 Insert.