New 24" x 36" build. WNY.

Hi all,

New guy, just started printing up the parts last night.

Planing to make a CNC/Laser engraver setup and ordering the hardware from the store next month.



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From another new MPCNC builder to another, welcome. post some pics along the way. :slight_smile:


I also built mine 24"x36"

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pics of the first batch of parts.

about 10 hrs to go.

the petg is stringing bad so i’ll need to adjust settings next batch of parts.



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Sliced with the wrong profile for the first set. Second set looks way better.

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Still printing.

ran out of grey pet-g and moved onto the roll of candy apple red.

which I may change out for the blue because I forgot it was shiny filament.


Ran into an issue with the printer.

Was too busy to fix it, now that summer is over I took some time to rebuild the hot-end and finished up all the parts last weekend with a 1mm nozzle and .5 mm layer height.

took less than half the time and the parts look and feel great.

Of course you can see the layers but that’s fine.


So, ordered the bolt kit and extra belt today!

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I’m also working on my first build and also in WNY Geneseo area.

I’m printing the belt tensioners now. What a great design. Excellent instructions and support.


My stuff is out for delivery!!

I don’t even have a home in the basement for it yet.

but I can still build it on the dining room table and test with a marker. :slight_smile:


I’m in Niagara County.


so my stuff is here but I mistakenly ordered the 10m of 10mm wide belt from the store.

I assume I can just get these?

Same bore, and tooth count just 10mm instead of 6.

Has anyone tried using the 10mm in an MPCNC? I’m sure you could buy some 6mm belt as a backup. The rest of the belt path would need to fit the 10mm belts.

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didn’t think about that.

Yeah, i’ll just get some more 6mm.

Thanks for pointing that out.

I believe if you double up the bearings used as rollers on the outside it gives plenty of width for a 100mm belt.

At least a 10mm belt. Maybe not a 100mm. :slight_smile: . If you do that, please post some pics and maybe others will try it too.

100mm belt?

[attachment file=119194]


What are the acceleration and jerk settings for that motor?

I’m envisioning using those big agricultural watering gantries as your Y-Axis, although it’d be more of a LowRider-XXXXL build… Precision corn maze? QR codes for the IIS? Add a cement pump for building construction?

would need some hydraulics for the Z.

does that tractor have a power take-off to drive the pump?

The belt IS the pto! Takes a metric shit ton of coal though. You can run them on wood, but it’s not as clean.