New build Austin, Texas


Waiting for the set of parts to print.

Started assembling. 4x4 was a bit larger than expected. 1" steel pipe was used instead of conduit.

Cut pipes to size for 3x3.

Attached to base.

Steppers, timing belts and wiring

designed a new cable chain mounting for Z and installed the other cable chains.

Welded up a base. It’s a bit overkill. I wanted something stable and able to upgrade to plasma.

mounted on the table. angle iron base with corner height adjustments. the couch and armoire must go. I need to rotate 90 to move the cable chains to the back.


A few more things left to do.

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Looking good so far. The heavier tubes will likely mean you won’t be quite able to pull the fastest speeds out of it without mucking a bunch with acceleration and jerk settings, but as long as you keep to sane speeds it should work just fine. :slight_smile:

Gigantic stealth CNC, cool.

I don’t mind slower speeds. As long as it does the job.


Gigantic Stealth MPCNC - Thanks for your work and the offical naming of my mpcnc :p.