New build Australia, Dremel 4000, smooth build


I had all the electronics hardware from an old 3d printer.

I had a dremel 4000.

I have a cutting size of 450 x 450 to suit a project I built this for.

Very happy with the results.

I work at a cardboard factory and the few jobs I’ve done on chipboard and nylon I think I can get away with a single sheet of cardboard as a waste board using double sided tape to hold everything. I can’t see it moving but have yet to try aluminium.

Gotta say I was pretty excited when I did the crown test.

Nylons interesting as I expected it to melt with the dremel at 25000RPM but no problem.

Using a single flute end mill. Pack of 10 for about $10.

Discovered Fusion 360 at the same time as building this and have to say the process of getting model to gcode is super easy.

Edit: Using this for dremel 4000 mount

Using these bits for chipboard and nylon:

[attachment file=96955]

Using this for all gt2 2mm pulleys. Download and edit openscad source to suit. 16 teeth.

Cable chain I made for z cables. It works.

Bracket for attaching aluminium angle for z axis cable chain:

Flexible z coupler:

Thankyou V1 Engineering.


Note: My original post dissapeared somehow… I don’t think this is a double post.

[attachment file=“96878”]
[attachment file=“96879”]
[attachment file=“96880”]
[attachment file=“96881”]
[attachment file=“96882”]
[attachment file=“96883”]



which Dremel mount did you use? Could you please either upload the files or link the source you used to print it? I’ve already printed 2 mounts from Thingiverse, neither of which fit my new model MPCNC :frowning:

Would really appreciate it



I’m using this one:

Fits perfect.

I’ve edited original post with this link too.


Thanks Gavin, much appreciated,



Geelong Australia