NEW Build, Beginner so advice required

Hi I am Matt from Hull UK. I am looking to build my first MPCNC. Its going to be a slow process as I want to build it with my 13yr old son, as a way of getting him to put the Xbox controller down and learn some old fashioned “hands-on” building experience.


I will be doing the Burly design, as big as possible to allow for the most possibility of uses, however - may build a low rider later on also for huge sheets.


My questions are as follows:


  1. What is the maximum size that I can build an MPCNC before stability and accuracy becomes an issue? I will be using 25.4mm Stainless tube for my build-so will be stronger that the US conduit version.
  2. I want to use an MKS Gen L board, purely as I already have one to hand. Does anyone have any info on how to put the code on it-as in what differs from this sites instructions for the Rambo boards?
  3. I was originally going to rob some steppers off an old 3d printer-but unsure what Oz ratings they were. But I found these on amazon, 84oz and 2A:
I presume these would work fine?
  1. I want to use a spindle rather than router-purely for the quieter operation. There are many available in the 500W catagory- does anyone have any recommendations? Preferably one available in UK if possible-but will ship from China if need be.


Thanks in advance-I am sure many more questions will follow!


Awesome, I can get the friends kids to pay more attention calling it a robot.

1-Depends on what you consider stable and accurate. Some people are okay with a 1/16" some call it a POS if it is worse than 0.00001". There is not a magic number where it is just bad, the longer the looser.

2-It needs firmware to match the build you make, looks like you plan on sourcing everything so you will need to match what you buy, dual requires more changes.

3-Sure, a bit overkill but fine if your drivers can handle it.

4-Vacs are just as loud as a router, but the 500W imports are hit or miss. You need hearing protection either way.

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the mks gen l board uses the ramps firmware, either standard or dual endstops and is just installed with arduino IDE.

and those are the same steppers i have, so will work fine.