New Build - Core Rails Too Loose on Bearings

Hey everyone,

First of all, thank you all for the wonderful posts and conversations on this forum. It has been so helpful reading various posts. I have been planning my MPCNC for awhile and have been working on it slowly as time allows. Today I was working on the core and ran into the problem of the rails not touching all of the bearings on the core clamps. The rails are not touching the top bearings. The print files I used for the parts I downloaded in August. Attached is a picture. I have seen so many sleek builds with nice color combinations. I was going for the red and black look, but then ran out of red. So then I was going for red, black and yellow. But I ran out of yellow and black. So here is my red, yellow, black and white MPCNC. I have also attached an image showing the top bearing not touching on the core.

I am wondering if the problem is that my core clamps are not tightened enough. The build said that it was too be only 7in/lbs and really gentle. Now I will say I am 6’-4" 300lbs so I dont do gentle really really well. As soon as I felt any pressure, I stopped tightening it. Today when it was so loose, I tried tightening them a little, and it may have gotten better, but when dealing with bearing gaps so small, it is hard to really know. Any help would be most appreciated.

As a random aside, if you live in the LA area and are building a MPCNC, I was able to get (3) 6’-0" stainless steel pipes for $40 at
Bobco Metals
2000 S. Alameda St.
Los Angeles, California 90058,

I wasnt even planning on going stainless steel, but this was so cheap I went for it.