New build from Denmark


Working area 500 x 700 x 150 mm.



Nice! What are your dimensions for the rails? What spindle do you use, and how accurate does it mill?

According to the Calculator, the rails are 964 x 764 x 340 mm.

I will be using the recommended T8 spindle. It is yet to arrive in the mail.

I have only been testing my setup with the crown test. Simply letting the pen being weighed down by the tool holder. Not ideal but enough to verify that it is working.

I will be testing precision once I have the remaining hardware.

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What is the dimension of the tubes, diameter and thickness? I have yet to understand the balance between the dimensions of the steel rails of the conduit and stability of the mill…

25mm OD. 1.4mm wall thickness.

I find the rails quite rigid.

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My lead screw arrived today, so I could do a proper test using the Crown.

Decent result in my view.

What do you think of the result.

Heck yeah, that looks great!

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Back panel of my control box.


Finalized control box.

The two mains outlets at the front are controllable via M80/M81 commands.

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