New Build from SC.

Hey guy’s I am going to be building my LowerRider very soon and just wanted to introduce myself.
I am from Summerville SC, I work in IT and have some 3d printing experience. I have never used a CNC, But it seems like the same rules as a 3d printer so I do not think it will be that bad.

The main reason for this build is to finally launch my small business and see where it goes. Also it will help me start getting some of my weekends back from cutting all the the plywood myself!! lol…

This weekend I am going to start by building my table and I will be uploading pics of that to get started.

Nice to meet you all and cannot wait to get started!

Welcome. I’m excited to see what you come up with. Are you a Linux fan as well (because of the penguin)? What is your business?

Welcome! A new business is exciting, and intimidating, but usually worth it.

Sorry for laggin on your parts but ultimachine sent me the new 32bit archim board yesterday and I got so excited I lost track of time messing with it…and then I made a prototype for a new kind of machine. Sorry I’m a geek…

Back to work today I promise.

Haha np @Ryan! I completely understand. @Jeffeb3 Been using Debian off and on since 2010, Also I program raspberry pi’s and play with Kali Linux. As far as business… I will show you once I complete it lol… Screw it… I make Arcades.

I started using Linux for my job in 2006, and I haven’t installed Windows since (except in VMs)!

Also, that arcade looks awesome! I have always wanted one like that, so I could wake up and play something while eating cereal before work. That was my dream before kids anyway. Now I’m lucky if I have time to make coffee. I think that will be a great application for the low rider. I would buy one, but I’d rather make it myself (which means it probably won’t get done). Maybe I’ll convince my son to work on it when he gets older.

Oh that looks great.

Yeah wait until I get the LowRider! That was all done with a table saw and drills.

Really helps having a lower cost option like the MPCNC for equipment to get you started - see what kind of business you can do. Plus - if you turn a profit - now it’s a business expense! : )

Got my parts! Thanks Ryan! So one question. I am having issues finding the tubing around here. So I think I decided to make it a 48" x 48" foot build platform for right now. I found a good price at
It is in 60" sections. So I will need just 6 of them correct? and I should be able to make a 48" x 48" platform?

Have you seen the parts calculator? (This is the imperial one, but there’s a metric one too):

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Nope did not. Thanks! That is the right conduit correct? By the looks of the calc the 60" will work fine!

D’oh, looks like the website went into restore mode. But maybe the upload is fixed?

[attachment file=37460]

Anyway, Barry wins the “forum friend” award for “Yea, just stopped by Lowe’s, it’s too big.”


I was in the neighborhood. Didn’t want to go home yet, I’d get in the driveway and work would call… I used a very accurate measurement method. Grabbed a 1" open ended wrench and used that as a go/no-go gauge. Tube was bigger.

Yeah you were right! Shit said it was it measured it lied…
Here is my table…

@Jeffeb3 Yeah if you can find me a place I can get the tubing local let me know. I have searched everywhere! I work out of Columbia and live in Charleston. Traveling for it is not an issue.

That is just really great looking. So stout.

Did you get the post about using finding a metal supermarket in SC? I also mentioned that it should be 0.065" not 0.65" walls, and that $400 sounds way too high?

I would call them and ask, or if you are working near there, then stop by. This is where I bought mine. I didn’t specify any 304 stainless or whatever. IIRC, it was about $80. I bought two pieces, and each one was large enough for 2 Z pipes and one Y pipe. They cut them to size there. I came in right before 5, or else I probably would have had them cut all the pieces down. I also bought the 60" of aluminum angle for the vac hose/cables.

They also had a remnant section up front with some neat cutoffs that were pretty cheap. I wanted to spend a few dollars on a piece of diamond plate, just to have it, but I didn’t. Life is full of regrets…

(1.000 X 0.065 (DRAWN & WELD) ST 304 TUBE ROUND)
Sku: STRW304/1065

84"x2 = $85.01 according to their online prices.

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You are the fing man!!! I swear I searched online for like 3 hrs… They are like 3 miles away from one of my sites! and cheap!

Any updates? Im liking the look of your table, need some ideas on how I want to make mine.