New Build in Brighton, UK

I’m building an 25mm MPCNC with a usable work area of 550x550x89mm.

I’m using screwfix 25mm steel conduit. I initially hesitated over using this tube but it was by far the cheapest option. I asked to look at a bunch of 3m lengths and chose the straightest 2 I could find.

I printed the parts in a few different kinds of PLA on my ender 3.

I have a specialist nuts and bolts shop local to me and was able to buy exact amounts of all, including the elusive #6-32 hard to find here and in Europe. They came to £22 in all. I originally tried with the M4 but it was pretty terrible.

So far I’ve spent £190 for everything, not including a spindle which i’m yet to buy and the PLA I was given for free.

I’ll upload some photo’s of the progress soon.

Nice, welcome, can’t wait to see pictures!

Thanks Ryan. I’ve been following your site for ages, glad to finally be making something from it!

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Nobody puts baby in the corner (shelf)! Ot looks kind of sad on the shelf, like a kitten in a kennel. Hopefully it can stretch out soon. Those parts look great.

Built up the frame over the weekend, now just need to get my head around the wiring part…

When adjusting the leg heights I tightened down the screw a notch too much and cracked the plastic very slightly. It seem’s to be holding fine so I carried on, should I be concerned?

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Cracked feet cause the automatic targetting computer to engage, which automatically reverses the drill bit and points it as the youngest person in the room, often mistaking puppies for children. Since the bit is going the wrong way, it will loosen the collet and cause tons of damage. If it can’t find anyone, it will just write dirty words on all your projects.

As long as it isn’t flexing while milling, it will be fine.


I flex all the time while milling… doesn’t everyone?


Erwin “the Dad Bod” Vigilia


I just finished putting it all together. For the wiring harness I bought a bunch of stepper motor extensions 50cm and just made up some of the ones sold in the shop.

I drew up a control box in fusion to house the mini rambo and lcd all in one. Unfortunately I rushed it a little and lots of the mounting points were off, but I managed to snap off some bits and will just tape the thing together.

I think I ran a successful crowntest. I’ve not been able to get repetier to connect but used the SD card just fine. Any tips would be appreciated on this.

Some pics below.

Mac or PC, Have you installed Arduino ide first and it’s drivers?

Everything seems to be square. I’ve noticed some unevenness in the z height of the bed, not sure whether it’s slightly bent tubes or uneven frame yet. I installed arduino but havent rebooted it yet, hopefully that’ll work.

Control box mounted

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If you need a highly accurate Z you can surface your spoil board. Most don’t really worry about Z accuracy unless you are milling PCB’s with a Vbit.