New build in Central VA

@jeffeb3 but then I’d only have Larry and Darryl ;-). Where would his other brother Darryl be?

(for those that don’t get this, this is dry humor referencing a TV show, I won’t say which one right now but if anyone else has any references to it, I’m always up for a laugh)

Back to the “serious” business of the build. I’m now printing my first of the two Corner Tops. It seems that it will put me over 24 hours of print time. So it’s a bit mind blowing to think that my small box of parts has already resulted in my printer running an equivalent of a full day. And I’ve just begun the project!

&%%& you all. Now I see why folks buy multiple printers :wink:

A few days of life and helping my son with his project so mine got put on the back burner.

This morning I printed the Core Z Clamp 2 and the second one is printing.

So as of now all the feet, the Wire Darryl’s and the Corner Top are printed.

Once the print is done I’m going to do the Lower Belt. And maybe another short print or two. Then at 2 pm I’ll do a longer print while the Caps Play the Rangers. So probably the Corner Top Mirror parts.

I’m getting more and more comfortable with longer prints so this is going well so far. That said, I hope I didn’t just jinx things!

Now printing the Core Z Clamp 1

Well it looks like I made my first mistakes. Printed one part that I only needed one of twice.

The good news I guess is that I have a spare. The bad news is wasted print time and filament. But I’m not complaining. Just reminded me that I need to look at the instructions closer and probably should have printed parts in the order on the sheet instead of printing a few smaller ones then longer ones.

I’m learning though and having more faith in my printer so I feel like I’m ready for some of the big prints.

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I know the feeling I printed a third of the burly parts before realizing I was printing burly and not primo. So be happy it’s only one part and for the machine your building :wink:

@Atom actually it was two. But thank you. And I saw your saw on the Burley parts.

The rest of the printing is going well. I’m a bit nervous on printing the trucks and core. But as long as the rest go well I’ll do them soon.

Until then, I’m just working through several parts a day.

I finished the corner tops yesterday. And am printing my first truck. I’m a bit nervous as it’ll be my longest print yet. But so far so good.

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So the box of parts is getting fuller and fuller. Only 7 more part groups to make for the A color after the trucks finish printing.

FYI this is what 65 hours of printing looks like for all who are interested and are considering this project. I hope my box is being enough as I’d hate to have to get a bigger one. So far it looks ok.

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The first truck finished printing. It looks like it printed well so I’m real happy.

So that was my first print over a dozen hours!


Well I must have pushed my luck as the second truck failed!

Thankfully it was only about 1 1/2 hours in and not further along.

I’m pretty sure I got a bit over confident and sloppy with my bed leveling. So we will see if the next attempt is good.

You’re marching right along! You might want to print a Core Test part before you take on that beast if you haven’t printed really large parts. There were a good number of print failures in the initial Primo builds so Ryan created it to save people from burning half a spool of filament.

Good luck! Looking forward to seeing the rest of your build.

@Bigchepin thank you. That’s the first I’ve seen that.

Yes I’m moving right along. And downloaded the file you attached. I’ll look into it after I complete this print tonight.