New Build in Colorado Springs

Hello everyone, I’m new here :slight_smile:

I’ve been watching MPCNC and Lowrider stuff for a long time now and finally decided that it was time to dip my toe into the pool. I’ve already printed all the parts out, purchased the hardware kit and built everything I could while waiting on electronics and router to show up.

The problem I am having is finding 1" OD tubing locally. I would love any advice, suggestions, tips, etc that you might have on sourcing the tubes. Right now I’ve got suggestions for Grainger, Fastenal, and Parker Fittings but was surprised to find that it was headed towards $100 for 10’…is that normal?


Some places can get pretty expensive. Check prices on DOM as well it is usually cheaper, but not always.

My suggestion for sourcing the tubes (and what I did myself) is to go to Google maps, go to the closest large city to your location, then search for “steel supply” check each result’s website to see if they stock tubing. If they do contact them for a quote, make sure to ask about both SS and DOM give them a total length and a cut list (many will cut them for you). In a day or two you will have the cheapest price in town :slight_smile: I got all 20’ of SS I needed, cut to length for $75 after taxes.

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There has to be multiple steel suppliers in the springs. The problem is finding one interested in such a small order. I might give these guys a try. Their website says no project to big or too small…

Hey @Skyhigh! I am COS too, welcome!

I built my Burley from EMT, so no first hand experience on SS or DOM. I would check Western Steel down on Drennan. While I haven’t been there in a few years, I am pretty sure they still have a good supply of tubing and DOM. Just by glancing at this I’d say they are worth a call.

Good luck and keep us posted.


That’s funny, it took me 6 minutes to find their website and post, yep. That’s the place Pete!

I would bet that any custom jeep shop would know a good dom supplier…

I haven’t been to any of the front range cities in a few years, but there’s a steel supplier here in little 'ol Durango that would get 1" stainless tube, though they might not have it in stock. I figure a town the size of COS must have a couple of options.

Thanks everyone! I’ll definitely be giving Western Steel a call and see if I can get the tubing there.

What is DOM?

Love Durango! Glad to hear of another Colorado’n here

DOM = Drawn Over Mandrel (DOM) I believe it is cold drawn instead of rolled, better steel and then (better) welded to make a higher tolerance tube (vs pipe - which we don’t use here).

It has been shown to be better than SS by a tiny bit and is usually cheaper. That said it it does depend on the place. Here in GR Michigan, it was almost 50 dollars more than the SS. either is a good option, and any steel supplier will know what it is if you ask for It :slight_smile:

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I went into a metal supermarket in Denver and ended up with DOM at a reasonable price. I think their website shows higher prices, so it might be worth calling. The western steel seems like a good option too.

@Skyhigh did my LR2 build while stationed in COS. I didn’t have much luck there either. I searched a lot - but no one had 1" OD tubing. I ended up buying from Mteals Online or Online Metals one of those ways. Great pricing and availability. I picked up aluminum tube with an 1/8" wall. Really nice. I took it to my bench and shined it up with 400 and 800 grit that I had on hand and the bearings roll down it super smooth!

@Atom - I went to Aquinas in GR! How’s life there? Still feel like a small town there?

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always and i hope that never changes. of course everything is hard now with all the covid restrictions, but hopefully that will change soon. if your ever back in the area we can grab a beer and swap build stories :slight_smile:

I haven’t been up there since 2000. I’ve been wanting to attend an Alumni weekend - but I have grown apart from the values currently instilled there at AQ - I miss my soccer teammates from back then - we were all so glossy eyed about our future then and never thought life would turn so interesting. My friends didn’t seem so activist minded back then.
I do appreciate my time up there. I remember when Van Andel Arena opened up. The GR Hoops played there along with the Griffins Hockey. Goo dtimes!

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Ooh, there was an Ethiopian restaurant near East GR (one the way out to EGR from downtown) on or near Lake Drive that was totally awesome! It was in one of the heritage hill type houses and had a great backyard dining area. I remember eating there a few times, they would serve one thing for the day - no menu, you just came in, sat down and they brought out the food of the day. I couldn’t get enough! Now I wished I had eaten there more.

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yea those places are great, i love First Wok, best Chinese i have ever had. and we have a little place called Thai Express that has some really good Thai food. i love all the food options, though i’m not sure i have ever tried the restaurant your talking about. if you can remember the name i would love to give it a shot. also now beer is a huge thing here, way more then ever before. we have over 40 breweries in the GR area. i still haven’t been to them all, but it is not for lack of trying XD

I always thought Traverse City would be a great Craft Brewery stop.
The closest one I found that resembles the Ethiopian one I went to is called Go Jo - it’s actually in Eastown. The pictures on Google sum up how the food is brought out. Plates you eat with no silverware - yes, that’s right - eat with your hands! Ew! Not really, awesome more like it!
Looks like they have several options now. I might have met this place as it was just getting started.

maybe, never know, we have a pretty good Ethiopian group here thanks to the efforts of Bethany Christian Services refugee program.
and there are at least 8 breweries that i know of in Traverse City now, so if you come back you should have no problem finding one there :slight_smile:

Still have to make the call to Western Steel…days full of zoom meetings have sapped my desire to talk on the phone :slight_smile:

Was excited to get my Dewalt router though and fit it to the plate, my workbench is a mess of course but here’s what I’ve got built up so far!