New Build in Columbia SC

Well, I really needed a bit of an upgrade from the tabletop CNC I had been using with a Dremel as the spindle (Photo for comparison).

[attachment file=“CNC Comparison.jpg”]

Welded steel frame, with a baltic birch table top - before I put the MDF killboard in, I milled a 1/8" recess for it to sit in.

[attachment file=“CNC All.jpg”]
[attachment file=“CNC To Frame.jpg”]

24" x 24" Total working area with threaded inserts for use of hold downs.

[attachment file=“CNC Hold Down.jpg”]

Storage area underneath for wood up to 36" long.

[attachment file=“CNC Underneath Storage.jpg”]

If you have any interest in seeing what I put it to use doing shameless plug of my ig, @IanAdk.

Thanks to Ryan for the fantastic design and help troubleshooting with me earlier.

That’s a pro move. I think this is a great way to get it super flat.

Nice setup and the storage!!! Two CNC’s…I bet you have room for another in there.