New Build In Cyprus

Thank you Ryan, my Lowrider 2 build was a very good experience, due to a well thought out great design. I built it on an old stainless steel food prep table that came my way. The worktable is 12mm MDF and sits on top of the SS table. I used an old Bosch POF500A router, 500W 2700 rpm, that I have had for a long time. The SS table is on castors so I can wheel it around, I am limited for space in my garage. Looking forward to making some dust.

Nice branding Bob, You are my favorite person of that day now!

I think you are making a great sized machine there, I am confident you will have some fun.

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Ryan, do you ever live vicariously through your machines built all over the world? With snow in our forecast for this weekend Iā€™d sure like to teleport myself to Cyprus!

Welcome to the family Bob!

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100%, I absolutely love seeing what you all make. I do get jealous sometimes though.