New build in Edmonton AB,CA

Just introducing myself and my new MPCNC. Its a 24x30 inch cut area running on a ramps 1.4 board and will have a foam needle cutter as well as a Dw660 and a dragknife for vinyl. Its up and running and just getting my head around the Estlcam software. The only trouble I have had was I could not enter the M92 steps/mm adjustment as it said the eeprom was not enabled ( it seems like its turned on in marlin). Might be my arduino mega board and I have a new one on its way. Mine has the cheap clone with the CH340 USB/serial chip and has given me trouble flashing so out it goes. I entered the new M92 settings in marlin and flashed it through the isp port until the new board arrives. BTW the parts were printed on my other conduit build an EMT-8 frame for my Anet A8 printer.

This was a fun project and was amazed at the engineering and how well it all went together! Thank you for the plans!


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I have new firmware in the works (ramps is done and available) that enables the eeprom again.

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Thanks Ryan for the reply. I am running version 401 which I have changed to work with 20t pulleys and A4988 drivers for now (16t and drv8825 drivers on order,opps). Its working for now but that darn mega has to go, its a pain to have to pull the ramps to flash it thru the isp. Have three of the boards and they all will flash fine , once, then will not flash again until you reflash the bootloader.

That is odd. It sounds like you are flashing off the bootloader. If you flash through USB, it shouldn’t be possible to remove the bootloader (the bootloader won’t let you). If you flash through ISP, then you could clobber the bootloader. If you do that, you shouls just flash the bootloader again through ISP and then use USB to flash new programs.

Some of the chinese arduino megas with ch340 chip have a problem with the reset circuit no pulling the reset voltage low enough when flashing thru the usb port. Looks like the ones I have, have the problem. If you flash the bootloader then the mega is reset and is waiting for the program flash and takes it fine but if you try to upload a second time then it will not take the flash and they time out. If you press the reset button at the exact time that the download starts you can get them to flash. Been driving me nuts and for $15 boards, life is too short! Have some new ones coming in. Both my 3d printer and the MPCNC have the problem and will get new boards when they come in.

Oh, that’s annoying.

David that’s terrible luck with the mega boards. I’m hoping I don’t have that luck with mine. Have you thought about just adding a set of jumper wires to extreme the ISP, so you don’t have to remove the ramps each time.


I really like your Emt8, and it took me a day to place where I saw it, and Then I remember I saw it on the Facebook group.

Jonathan, yes I was thinking about wiring up a remote isp but I have them programmed for now and will use them until the new ones arrive. Still trying to get the third one going using some of the ideas I have found online.

Yea! My new andruino mega’s just arrived and are working properly. I save the old ones for some other project. I will test on the mpcnc later to day or tomorrow.

I didn’t destroy the second Sharpie and the crown turned out great, now to get it dirty…maybe tomorrow.

Awesome, it’s tomorrow get it dirty!

OK , its dirty, not too dirty :slight_smile: I was working in carbide create and forgot to set the retraction distance, opps. It worked well other than that. Don’t worry it was a scrap piece of pine I had kicking around. The better half was impressed! Thank you Ryan again for the great design.

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For a first run…impressive!

Glad you like it.

wow, that is beautiful