New Build In Florida

Sorry for the long post.

I’m going to be building an MPCNC from parts I will purchase here. I will be using a spindle (noise issue).

At first I’ll be using it to cut plywood for clocks and kinetic art pieces. Probably nothing thicker than 1/2 to 3/4".

Before I begin the build I have several things to work out. First of which is where it will go. I plan on building a fold up table for the garage (I have a design). Could someone tell me, needing a 3 in Z height, how high in total is the Z axis from the finished (waste) table. I just need to know so I can have the table the correct distance from the wall to tip up.

I was originally looking for a 24x24 work surface but reading some posts I’ll probably start with a 24x24 total outside dimensions and then eventually make it larger. I’ll size the table for the larger size.

I’m going to have to run some electric and lighting before I begin also. It doesn’t look like this should pull a lot of power, I only have 1 15 amp circuit to work off of. Should I be worried?

I’m not too worried about the build itself (I follow directions well) and have been playing around with some software (Estlecam, Inscape etc).I would like to run the Gcode off an SD card. Any recommendations?

If there’s any builders in Florida who would give a tour of their setup, I’m willing to travel to see.

Thanks in advance.




Nope. If the DC power supply is 12V/30A, that’s actually closer to 3A at 120VAC. There are more inefficiencies, but it’s well under your 15A circuit.

There are tutorials on this site for running Ryan’s crown gcode file and then there’s a tutorial for setting up EstlCAM. Is that what you’re looking for?

Do you have the LCD? Because that comes with an SD card reader. Is that what your looking for?

Thanks for the info

I was planning on ordering the lcd that ryan references in the store.

[quote quote=49629] I plan on building a fold up table for the garage (I have a design). quote]

I would be interested to see what you come up with for a fold up table. I would like to change mine to some fold up table design. My 4’x3’ table in the middle of my 10’x12’ shed makes it difficult to move around in there sometimes, especially since I have about 2’ space used on each side of the shed.


It’s going to be a variation of this, except I’ll attach an approx. 12-14 in shelf to the wall first and then attach the edge of the folding part to it so it will accomodate the height of the z axis when it’s folded up. I still need someone to give me a finished height on the z axis to know how far offf the all the shelf needs to etend.

Here’s a couple more

Thanks for the links. I like that carmichaelworkshop table idea & had not seen that before. I could tell you the height of my MPCNC, but I am using the original design and not the latest 525 design and I do not remember the Z depth I have. It might be better for you to build the machine before building the table as that will give you pretty accurate dimensions of what you will need for the table.