New Build in Kungsbacka, Sweden

First of all, many thanks for great work Ryan! Such a please to print and assemble the design. It all worked perfect!

What started as browsing for polar sandtable designs led me to the ZenXY and then to MPCNC and Lowrider.

The Sand table is still in the making but the MPCNC really got me going and is now more or less finalized. Some final wiring for the Z-probe, proper support table for the garage and maybe a new enclosure is still on the list but couldn’t wait to share the mandatory crown.

Working area of 200x400mm, Ramps 1.4 as controller, HW sourced from various local sources here in Sweden (,, Plan to use it primary for engraving and small cut outs either with a small Dremel or Makita.

Kudos to you Ryan and all of you other guys who share so much knowledge in the forum ?


Thank you!


Welcome to the Crew!

Hi I’m also building a mpcnc in Sweden (Halmstad)

Let me firstly say, beautiful machine!

Did you use piping from biltema? Or what sourse did you use?

Hej Mathias,

Nice to hear another Swedish West coast here in the forum :slight_smile:

Yes pipes from Biltema. Also bought the cable stranding there.

I had some issues finding right screws but and had some of the dimensions I needed.


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Nice thanks, I just assembled the frame. Hopefully I will be carving soon!