New build in Ma.

Building my Mpcnc was fairly straight forward. I found most answers to any questions that arose had already been addressed on this forum. I did have to ask 1 question and received a prompt answer. Thank you Ryan for the work you put into the site and the engineering you do.

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Awesome, looks great.

Thank you for the kind words, sorry you had to come to the forums to find all of your answers and they were not just in the instructions, but glad we got you taken care of!

After I ran the crown test I decided I wanted to stretch it legs and see what could be done. When searching the forum I found a project that someone suggested.

[attachment file=97774]

This is a Clayton Boyer design. The plans can be found here


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I spy a fireball mega square! Time to get to work building table. Nice build!

Good Eye I have several fireball squares it’s a nice accessory for my tig. The table is built. It was just easier for testing purposes to run it in the living room.

Kicking around the idea of a low rider setup as a dedicated plasma table. 3 potential issues are space, amount of steel fabrication with water pan=time and shielding.

I’ve already starting collecting parts! There have been a few plasma tables built with lowrider/mpcnc. Bryan and and Dui are two active forum members that run plasma tables. I was just asking Bryan the other day how he tackled his water pan. Here is his build thread:


Here’s dui’s build thread: if I remember correctly he had lots of issues with EMF on account of not having the most suitable plasma cutter… or that may have been someone else. Point is step #1 (I gather) is to use a suitable plasma cutter.

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