New build in Mass

Geoffrey, please share when you’re done. That sounds like an awesome project. Good enough to convince me to maybe actually put up christmas lights. I don’t have many projects that actually work for multiple years though… I can’t imagine being outside will help much.

ok, the conduit is here, and the rollers slide on. the rollers roll on the conduit, but are not free flowing.

next up, I need to cut the conduit up. I even designed an endcap / wire protection.

look, I am using an emoji, just to get a badge :wink:

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Hey Ben- Another Mass MPCNC build! Awesome. If you need any help, reach out. My 24x24 has been making chips (and dollars) for a few months now. Good luck!


Thank you. I am sure I will have all sorts of questions later. I am totally new to CnC. I just need the time to run through the instructions.

Making progress… slowly. Tomorrow I hope to get a good hour or more.


Looking really nice bud. Keep up the good work!

With everyone’s help, I managed not to screw up too badly, or Atleast cause any permanent damage.

I was able to download the test crown gcode and connect with repeater. I printed a couple test crowns, my only problem was getting the pressure on the paper correct. I am sure I can figure this one out.

Baby steps…

It does look to be out of square a bit though. That would be why the left side is “pinched”. You might want to try squaring up the machine again. I may be wrong.

I think it is very close to square, but what you are seeing is my inability to set z home and therefor there is too much downward pressure on the marker. It was in the tool holder rather snuggly, and it was studdering as it moved. Honestly, last night I was just happy it was alive.

Ah, gotcha

Set the Z at one extra paper thickness and try a ball point pen (preferably with my mount).

My file should reset your coordinates automatically.

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Thank you.

My best crown yet! I realized the sources of errors were due to the type of marker and not using Ryan’s mount. Both have been fixed. My next mission is to create a rectangle and check for squareness, while tackling the learning curve of Cam software on my Mac. I would appreciate any feedback.


Ok , maybe I will have time tomorrow to play with carbide 3D. I think I understand it.

Tonight, with manual control in repeater-host I drew a 160 mm x 250 mm rectangle. One diagonal measured 11.875 inches while the other measured about 12.125 inches. Tomorrow I will work on squares by up the mpcnc.

Ok, I have the plotting function working. I went to mount the dewalt, only to realize I double printed one part due to a printing fail.

The lower lock is almost done being printed and then the fun begins.


My first carve!


I see’s a dolphin! Congrats on your first carve!!!


Keep it up…and keep that foam around. Such a good habit to do practice cuts!

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Hey! I missed this forever ago, but the lights look really good over my garage, and they are invisible when not powered up. I followed the attached video and it was pretty easy. If I could do it over, I’d do 12v lights instead of 5v. The extra few bucks per strip is worth the effort saved on “power injection”. There are 3 videos in the series. Mine survived a ND winter with winds 50mph+ and temps down to -30F also summer with temps right near or over 100F. Ran a simple red white green scheme over the winter, and a red white blue this summer over the 4th. I’ll soon be putting together an orange Halloween thing.

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