New Build In Oklahoma. Need GRBL help!

Table is finished up and the gantry is put together. Had good movement with just the LCD controller but now I can’t get the universal g code sender to connect with my machine. Have the mini rambo usb driver installed and flashed with marlin firmware with adurino. All I get now is a “GRBL has not finished booting” error message. Please help!

Can you explain in more detail what you have and what software you are using?

Most of us here do not use GRBL.

Yeah, use repetier host or pronterface or PrintRun’s cli to send gcode. Your mini Rambo is running Marlin, not grbl. So universal gcode sender is expecting the grbl status messages. You can also put gcode files on the SD card.

You should really follow the tutorial to make the crown using repetier first.

Can you point me in the right direction for the tutorial? I’ve been going off the rep rap wiki and it isn’t helping

At the end of that page but you should go through that page as well.

So i see you have a polk assembly table in the background. I’ve been thinking of building a lowrider to use on a polk table, what are your throughts on that? I have a smaller shop (bigish one car garage) so floor space is at a premium.