New build in Ottawa

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Hey all. My son and I decided to do this build as a last project together. Ordered everything from Ryan except for the printed parts. started printing but had lots of troubles with our first layers sticking. LOL wasted lots of filament. Ran out of filament 5 days before he was to leave and ended up getting the wrong color in. I gave up on the rush at that point cause it didnt look right. Fast forward to lastnight iI got home and my son had finished the prints anyways. Said he wasnt quiting. Well I got up early this morning and did the belts and temp wiring. SHE"S ALIVE.

Sorry Ryan but I had to change the first test on her. But its still a crown(kind of). Thank you for the awesome design.

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Maybe you’ll start a trend! Different types of Crown Tests from around the world :slight_smile:

Grats on finally finishing - time to start cutting! Unless you’re lasering… or… regardless, have fun! I miss having my son around to do projects like this (empty nest) - relish these times together, they go so fast!

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These are the best stories to hear. I remember the projects, and things I learned during the projects from my parents very fondly. Glad to play the smallest of roles in it!