New Build in PA - Black, Yellow, Silver, Blue, Possibly Other Colors...

I live close to Bob Swika who has his build on here. He talked me into building one of these by showing me the site and possibly one or two videos. I just got my 3D printer running good again after letting it sit for a few years. Parts are so cheap now and the new E3D heads are much easier to maintain. I bought 12 spools of PETG from MakerGeeks and then I won a spool of PLA from them in a contest. That PLA will be my center assembly.

I have all the conduit cut and reamed. I almost have the base completed. The last roller printed last night. The first 3 are in the pic. I have new #6-32 screws coming. I was using electricians screws and decided while they fit, I don’t want them splitting the plastic over time. I have hex button screws on the way to replace them.

For my printed parts, I am using the recommended infill percentage but using the honeycomb pattern to add some strength. So far everything fits great and able to be tightened with no issues. The center assembly will be all PLA as per Bob.

Oddly, my table will be one of the last things completed. I have an 8’ by 8’ ex-bathroom in my basement that at one time had a wood floor. That rotted out because of the dirt under it and it was about 80 or 90 years old. It has been unused for about 10 years. During that time I removed the plumbing and wiring to prevent issues that might pop up. 3 of the 4 walls are concrete foundation and the 4th wall has a door. Plus it is not under the main part of the house, so sound from it will not be heard in most of the house. Yeah, I have a very old and weird house that started as a grocery store and has been added on to over and over again. I just have buy the materials to put a finished floor back in the room and run some new wiring to make it my MPCNC room.

I like to print things slow and my kids want fidget spinners, so this project will probably take a few more weeks or longer. My print times are almost twice the time this site says they should take, but they look great and are solid. My son likes how the 3 rollers I already have look like smiling faces.

The foot bottom, lock corner, and bottom corner are black. The top corner and pineapple is yellow. The rollers, roller plates, and nut trap are called Smoke, but when printed with the high infill are more silver. I have a lot more colors to choose from for the remaining parts. Pretty much everything but red and brown. I might do some glow in the dark for the z-axis.

There are 2 honeycomb infills and I am not sure either is stronger but they both definitely take longer.

So far so good, can’t wait to see it and the work room further along. Welcome to the club! High five Bob for me for introducing you to the MPCNC.

I am using Slic3r and Honeycomb on there is full wall and not overlapping points. It is supposed to be stronger…according to Slic3r’s own site :). This made me look it up and some sites say it is stronger and others have numbers that say it is weaker but tell me nothing else about what they were printing. I can tell you that it took the flex out of some big hooks I printed in PETG. In PLA at 55% infill I am not seeing a difference. For the PLA XY and XYZ I switched to rectilinear.

I’ve been going back and forth about where to have the mill in the basement. I wanted it closer to where I do other work for a few days. Then I looked up at the little old window in the room I mentioned and that is begging to be made into a vent. It is a hinged wood frame window 7’ up the wall that is cracked and doesn’t shut right. I’m going to say it it the original window.

I am hoping to get parts together this weekend and start posting more pics on the build.

So…on top of a really bad allergy season Bronchitis happened and messed me up for over a week. A friend (Not Bob) who shares another hobby with me had to move and I ended up buying a lot of RC planes off of him. Like, 14. My 3D printer decided that it did not like some cheap nozzles I bought and I had to get new ones. I will never go cheap on nozzles again. But as of last week I am almost back on track. My rails are cut. I just ordered the pulleys and belt. Friday I am getting the lumber for the table. With the exception of the pineapple, every thing in the middle and with motor mounts is now Blue PLA. My last 2 pieces are printing now and the printrer is working better than ever. There is a lot less PetG in the MPCNC than originally planned. I printed some test bridges and PLA is a lot more solid and rigid than I realized. Last night I got the center together. Hopefully over the next week or two I will have a marker drawing pictures for me. Bob has been motivating me with pictures and samples.

What did you think of putting that together, like the best kind of jigsaw puzzle?

So I’ve been sitting on this project for 10 months. In that time I did fix a lot of RC planes, bought and built a new 3D printer, and completely reorganized my basement to fit in a ton of stuff from all my hobbies. Part of the problem was the room I was going to put the MPCNC in still has a dirt floor. I was going to fix that, but never did. But a corner of the basement just became available last weekend when I cleared out my old glass cutting area. Tonight I put the table mostly together. Casters are coming tomorrow. Once I get them on I’ll finish the shelf and top. After that I have no other reason to not finish the MPCNC.

Chad, from close up picture, looks like you are using Home Depot’s conduits. In my experience, conduits from Lowes are smoother.

Anyway, nice colors for your build.

How far are you from NJ?

Really? Because was amazed at how smooth the bearings rolled across the rails when I put them together.

I’m about an hour from the Delaware Water Gap.

I wouldn’t worry about the conduit too much. The coating will flake off after a bit of use. You’ll not see a difference between the “rough” and “smooth” conduit in cuts anyway. Unless you have a bearing riding directly on a weld seam, that can sometimes cause too much friction and jam a side.


No new pics of the MPCNC, but I’ve completed the assembly and have tested the axis movements. I have the pots adjusted on the drivers. All the belts are in place and tight. All my tools are back where they belong in the workshop and everything looks good. I even put the SD card in my PC to start getting a drawing together to plot, but then suddenly the big storm yesterday stopped and I ended up running out to fly a few RC planes. I didn’t even open any software. I am looking forward to using Inkscape and Fusion 360 with the MPCNC.

For the wiring I connected everything up in serial. It was surprisingly easy. The only thing that held me up a little was getting the end stop setting right. I’m not using them and had the issue where my steppers were only turning one way. It took a little ctrl-f searching in the marlin firmware to find the one place that would fix it, but I got it. Besides that, I was just taking my time at each step. I’m looking forward to getting something plotted on paper soon after a few gcode test runs with nothing mounted.

You shouldn’t need to edit the firmware for endstops, I have both versions up with and without. Poking around in the firmware is a tricky subject sometimes. If you have issues flash the correct version.

For RAMPs? I looked at the Marlin page again and there is one set of files for using the extruder and one for no extruder, but I didn’t see anything about endstops on that page for RAMPs. I’m OK with poking around in firmware. I’ve been coding of a very long time.

I edited the RAMPS firmware to halve the DEFAULT_AXIS_STEPS_PER_UNIT because I only had A4988 drivers laying around, no DRV8855 (they’re currently in the printer). Other than that, I didn’t change a thing.

So after a few days of going over the new gcode exporter for Inkscape (much better than the old unicorn plugin) and Fusion 360 CAD I decided it was time for a test. I went with Inkscape for the first test. I let it run once without the Sharpie to make sure everything moved properly and then I tried it. My pen holder was sticking because it printed a little too tight, but I let it run anyhow and just kept reaching in to push it down. It’s not a pretty drawing, but it worked as it should. There was no play in anything. I took some time lapse video to record the moment. My son is the Pelican’s fan. Time to get the waste board level and ready to hold some pine for the wood tests.

Embedding on the site is not working. The video is at