New build in San Jose


Been watching the forums and reading up while slowly building my lowrider. It’s finally working. Well, I’m drawing and cutting vinyl with it at least. Working my way up to the scary stuff since I’m still fairly new to CAM and Fusion 360.

I went with the SKR 1.3 (using a modified version of BlomsD fork) and the BTT TFT35 v2. I didn’t add the end stops yet, but it’s set up for them when and if I decide to go that route.

My table is 50 x 72 inches so I can fit a half sheet of plywood if needed. I have some home projects lined up for this that will need the flexibility this size provides.

I’ve also made a pen and drag knife holder for it that I put up on thingiverse:

Will be moving up to routing some foam hopefully this weekend. Super excited.


Great looking build. I like the extension plates for the extra electronics. That should serve you well. I have a piece of melamine I use for plotting on my LR as well. The crown looks great.

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That wire management is drool worthy!