New build in the Montreal area, Canada

2 months ago, I’ve bought my first 3D printer. It was the best thing that could happen to me :p. I’ve started printing the MPCNC right away.

I’ve decided to build an MPCNC 2’x2’x3.5" with 1" stainless steel tubes. the build is not finished yet, but I just want to share some pictures of my progress so far. I’ve made a PCB with an ESP32 as the controller base on Barton Dring port of GRBL. Thanks to him for is work, but also thanks to Ryan and the v1engineering team for this nicely done CNC machine. It was a pleasure to assemble that puzzle.

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Looking good so far!

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That workshop is gonna get nice and dusty (as they all should be)! Go Canada!

I’m going to test that out tonight. Does you guy have an end stop on the Z axis? I don’t know if is really useful to have one except for a homing purpose.

Those parts on the back of your steppers appear to be housings for wire connectors, right? Do you have a link to those?

Do you have any concern about having created a moment arm with the cable chain and wire housings attached to the top of the z?

Yes, I made these for DB9 connector. For now, I don’t have any concern about the Z axis cable chain. It runs fluidly, even when the Z axis is at its lower position. I can post it on if you want to use it.

@kd2018 I’ve published it to in 24 hours it will be ready for download.

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These are the DB9 connector for the nema17

I am in Ottawa. And just starting my build was wondering where you sourced your motors belts pulled bolts etc And what size are you making yours

Nice work. I like the monochromatic colors with the bright red highlights of the bearings. :slight_smile:

As for the z axis cable management, I have something like yours on my MPCNC. The cables are there anyway, so the way I look at it, you can either have the cables flopping around or else guide them carefully as you have here.

Did you DIY your driver board for the ESP32? I have been experimenting with Bart’s board which he put on Tindie, and I think the Grbl_ESP32 is very promising. It seems to me that the capabilities of the ESP32 will help bridge the gap between the common Arduino based controllers and the more expensive “pro” level options.

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I’ve bought all the hardware mainly on I can give you my part list if you want.

Yes, I made it on Eagle CAD. I’ve based my design on the original schematic I’ve found on Tindie. I really like it. It is very useful to control the MPCNC in a web browser. I’ve some issue with the power, my ESP32 DEV-KIT take 7-12v as VIN an I supply it with 5v. That cause the esp32 to be in an unstable state, so I need to fix that.