New build in the Netherlands

I too have decided to make the step to build a MPCNC. I’ve ordered all the parts I need (mostly import) and have been printing parts for the last few days. So far everything is looking great, my compliments for making such a great design.

I often print functional parts rather than decorative parts, so I run a bigger nozzle (0.8 mm) on my Ender 3. I’m printing at a layer height of 0.4 mm and while I could go with larger layers, I feel this is the best trade-off between detail and printing time. So far I’ve been cutting printing times in half compared to the example times with very conservative settings (I want these parts to be pristine). I believe parts will also be stronger, mainly perpendicular to the layers, since there the layers are fused over a larger area.

Anyway, I’ll post pictures as soon as I have something worthwhile to show.

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Awesome, fast parts means getting them dirty sooner!

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You’re absolutely right! Thanks again for the great design Ryan.

I’m not entirely sure what size I’ll be building this, so I haven’t bought the steel pipes yet. I’ll be going for 25 mm OD, since the other sizes aren’t available here. I have the choice between welded pipes made from regular steel or cold-rolled stainless steel pipes. The welded steel pipes have a seam and seem to be less smooth judging by the pictures, so I guess I’ll go for stainless.


Alright, bit of a hiatus because I was moving to new house. But I’m printing the last big parts today and I only have some spacers and things to print, so should be finished printing tommorow.

I’m going to repurpose an old desk to use as a table. As long as the top is reasonably flat and sturdy, all should be well, right?

I’ll need to design an enclosing for the power supply and the controller board. I’ll be sure to take some pictures of the final result.