New Build in Western Australia

Well i had so much dang trouble trying to find 25mm tube. best i could get was 25.2 from bunnings. ( shower curtain rods) seems ok. Have routed a bit of jarrah (australian hard wood) and it took it like a champ.

And a vid

Looks awesome with the shiny rails! I would change your stepover to 45-50% for roughing and less than 10% for finishing passes.

I need to find an excuse to go to check out Australia, I mean (cough) business trip.

Thanks mate, and yea i did exactly that on the next job. Much better result. Also changed the tool path pattern to circular one. it all helped. Part of the fun tweaking everything and getting my head around it.

My younger brother is a Cabinet maker and uses all the fandangled expensive CNC machines at work, it blew him away with what it could do for what it cost me to build it. He couldn’t understand that it’s just free software and it is capable of so much and so fast to use. So thanks heaps mate for designing this and giving me an awesome platform from which to build more bigger awesome stuff. Not sure yet but i’m thinking something to do with a strandbeest design.

Couldn’t help myself just ordered a laser!!!@!#!*!!!

Hello fellow Australian! (Queensland Here) was the ‘25mm’ galvanised pipe at bunnings not 25mm? I am intending to get some tomorrow as my 25mm aluminium conduit is 25.4mm and too soft.

Also wondering what you are using as a spindle, looks like a makita router or something like that?

Yea try as i might i couldn’t find 25mm pipe. I ended up using 25.2mm chrome tube from bunnings. ( shower curtain rods) Its was a bit tight on the corner posts. i happened to have a 25.4 mm drill bit so i used that to open it up a bit( another way i sorted out the clearance problems was heating the tube up with a propane torch a touch… what it worked…). If you use larger tube you will need to print the 25.4 mm feet as well they wont stretch. Someone on thingverse has drawn them already. As for the slides they seem to handle the extra diameter ok. Do as vicious says and don’t do anything up tight until its all together. You’ll work it out.

Its a makita if you hunt around you can find it for about $220 , it only has a 1/4 inch collet though, but i have found loads of cutters on ebay cheap with a 1/4" shank and wheatever you want on the other end.

300 watt air cooled spimdles with variable speed are on AliExpress for $80USD delivered by DHL from Indonesia. So far bought 3 and all good, getting a couple more in the next couple weeks.

Nice build, I used 25mm chrome curtain rods from Bunnings:
They were harder to find in WA (check out Morley) and they have slightly thinner walls than recommended.

I found a cheap second hand Ozito laminate trimmer ($35AUD) for the router - seems ok, I just have to drop the Z axis in smaller steps to guarantee accuracy (1mm - 0.5mm) and make sure I use good quality, sharp, bits.