New Build , Looking for some pointers

I have gone and bought everything and my 2 printers are in motion. I am printing out all the parts in PETG. I have a pew parts done and they are coming out fantastic! I bought a Arduino mega and a ramps 1.4 board. I had a bunch of stock stepper drivers laying around from upgrading my printers. Now I am wondering about software . I have a very good understanding and I have several copies of marlin that I have made to work with my custom printers. But I have never attempted to use it with milling. I am want to start out with doing wood to get a feel on machine . Then move into doing carbon fiber ,brass and aluminum. I do have access to Fusion 360 under a student licence and it has a cam section , But I have never used it. So what is a good program to start out with? Thanks!


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Little update. I did get it mostly assembled and I am working on the electronics. I bought a ramps and a mega from amazon. I had some stepper drivers from upgrading my 3D printer. Plugged in the mega and got it burned. Plugged in the ramps and hit it with 12 volts and poof! Ramps was faulty and cooked the mega and steppers. So now I have to decide if I want to keep going down the ramps board side or do I upgrade the 3d printer board and use the MKS Gen 1.4 that is in the printer right now.


Next question. Are Trinamic drivers worth the investment for this application? I am thinking of keeping it simple and just getting a replacement ramps but adding better drivers for cooler quieter operation.