New Build Lowrider2 Help

Hey all. New build in Nanton, Alberta. A few questions. When I power up it displays a 211 error? Not sure what that means.

Also when I power down one side falls until it bottom outs and when I power up it is now unlevel. How do you get it level without having to manually adjust it? It is wired in series.

Greetings from Edmonton.

For the error, knowing what board, firmware and display might help.

For keeping it level, some people have made things to park the LowRider on so that it’s level when it powers up. One person uses cans. Anything that holds up the gantry when it’s powered off will do.

You can also change out hte 4 start leadscrews for something with less lead, so that it doesn’t fall when powered off. Some people have used Tr8 1 start (2mm lead) screws which work well, but do need an adjustment in steps/mmto match them.


I just make mine go all the way down first.

And an adjustment for max speed. It will skip steps at 10mm/s with a 1 start.


SKR Pro V 1.2 with TFT 35

I get the same message. I think it’s a glitch in the TFT firmware that it sends the M211 command when it connects to Marlin.

Hello from edmonton as well. Hanging all that weight off one end could also contribute to the uneven drop.

I always dropped mine on level resting blocks and started up from there.

Another question. How do I zero the axis from the touchscreen? I can do it if I switch to marlin mode, but would like to do it from just the touchscreen

When you do that - what is the process? Crank it down by hand, or is it ok to let the steppers “grind” it out?

I recall reading somewhere that moving steppers by hand can result in current back in the board and nasty consequences - is that true?


That grinding sound is skipping steps. There aren’t any gears skipping, it is just which magnets are lining up. I would not worry about the motors, but I wouldn’t want some other part to crack.

If the board is powered off, then it can create current (and a resulting voltage). As long as the voltage doesn’t go greater than the max input voltage, it is probably fine. I would look at the board lights or the lcd screen. If the lights are coming on, don’t go any faster.

After a job I will jog the machine down low (within an inch of the table) before unplugging it. Then it will drop completely. If it needs a little help, I will reach underneath and turn the leadscrew.

Before engaging the motors, I line the machine up to make it square. First by making sure each side is up against my hard stops. Then I give each leadscrew a 1/4 turn to lift the gantry and let it fall back down. That seems to work well for me. It settles down just touching. Then I jog the machine from the controls from then on.

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