New Build Near Atlanta, GA

Hi guys, time to stop lurking. Started printing parts in February and actual assembly started end of March. (Remember when Ryan was moving and shipping was held up? Lol. ) I’m calling it finished.

[attachment file=99366]
[attachment file=99367]
I spend way too much time on wire management, but I’m pretty happy with it. [attachment file=99368]
[attachment file=99368]
[attachment file=99369]
One of the first things I cut was the cover insert for the electronics box. Worked a treat!

Thanks Ryan for a fantastic design job. I’ve never seen something go together so easy and work so smoothly.

I see a Low Rider in my future.


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Well snap. It said server error so I posted again, any way to delete the second post?

Aww come on, you can still lurk even if you have a build…


That is a great build, small and easy to learn on. Blast shield for those random bit breaks. My logo everywhere…YES!

The video is private though :frowning:

Hmmm. Blast shield… blast shield. Didn’t really think about flying bits, I just wanted to keep the dust off my tablet. Confession, that’s not plexi. I had a piece of glass on the rack just that size, 1/8". Maybe not the best idea, lol.

Its a great idea until it breaks, only then does it become a daft idea :slight_smile:

Well, it was free. So what the heck.

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