New Build Near Detroit, MI


Here is my MPCNC that I have been slowly making progress on. I was going for an Iron Man color scheme. If you couldn’t tell.

The working dimensions are 19 x 19 x 3 inches. This allowed it to just fit on the cabinet I was able to snag from work.

I’m currently finishing up the wiring and belts and hopefully should be able to run some initial tests soon.

I plan on using this primarily for wood but I want to try my hand at aluminum and steel eventually.

I am going to build an enclosure for this where I can lift the sides to be able to run longer pieces on it.

I am quite surprised at how sturdy this is given its cost and materials. Props to a nifty design.

How level should the rails be with the table top? All my rails are currently +/- 0.2 degrees. I figured that should be fine but wanted to double check if I should try to improve them.

[attachment file=100317]


Looks good, good size, don’t worry about the angle for now just get it dirty!!!

and Welcome!

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Looks good!

I’m making progress .on mine too. It’s gonna be 36x24. I’m in Rochester Hills.

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Thank you.

Yours is looking good as well. Is that your working dimensions or outside dimensions?

I used to live in Rochester Hills but moved down to Sterling Heights last year.

I finally got some time to finish the wiring and start on some drawings to test it’s performance.

[attachment file=100985]

Here is a picture of the crown drawing. I ran it a second time over the first one just to confirm its repeatability. I am happy with it.

[attachment file=100986]

I then wanted to test the accuracy so I created a simple design that I could check how square it was and its dimensional accuracy. everything looked and measured close enough. I’ll probably run another calibration test like this after I attach the router and can measure parts better.

[attachment file=100987]

Lastly, I have seen some people draw Mayan calendars to see how it performs with lots of details. I figured I’d run something similar and more fitting to my color scheme. And why not throw a Star Wars one in there just for the fun of it.

[attachment file=100988]
[attachment file=100989]

Overall, I am very happy with how it is performing so far. Next time that I have some free time I will be attaching the router and finally getting it dirty.




Drawings look great to me.

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Hi Garrett,

36x24 are my working dimensions. My table is 48x36.

I had some time yesterday and was going to try some cutting but little one went down early and I didn’t want to wake the baby so I ended up adding a spoil board and cleaned up all my cables. I really like the tape measure trick, it was simple and cheap and looks pretty nice. I decided to add an upper bar to mount the y axis cables to so that it would leave the side open so that I can run long boards through without the cables being in the way. It also gave be a surface to mount the electronics onto until I enclose it.

[attachment file=101247]
[attachment file=101248]
[attachment file=101249]

+1 for the tape measure trick! I really like the way you have your spoil board set up. I might have to give that a shot on mine. The easy swap spoil board.

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Thanks. I needed a spoil board and because I was going to use a thin piece of MDF I wanted an easy way to swap them out. The spoil board is a standard 2ft x 2ft piece of MDF so I just need to buy another $4 board when I need to replace it. Nice and easy swap.

I also plan on adding threaded inserts in the bottom plastic board and then have through holes in the MDF. That way when I replace the MDF, I can just rerun the through hole gcode from a close enough staring spot and I wont need to replace the inserts.

Very nice build so far, kudos!

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What is the “tape measure trick”?


It is where you use a tape measure in the cable sleeve instead of using a cable chain. you can see the yellow of the tape measure through the cable sleeve in my pictures above.

It is discussed more here if you are interested.

you beat me to it.

Hmm. That is clever.

This weekend I was able to finish my spoil board and add the threaded inserts and do some initial engravings.

[attachment file=101855]

I cut some squares to check the accuracy and the 50mm square was coming in around 49.3mm. The others were smaller than designed as well. I’m guessing there is a way to correct this in estlcam but I could use some help finding where that is at.

[attachment file=101856]
Other than the dimensions being off, everything else cut fine. Everything moved smoothly and looked clean. Now to play with estlcam some more so that I can try some more complex shaping.

Cut some 100mm squares and see if that number doubles or not.

I got around to cutting out a 100mm square and a 50mm square to check their accuracy. I got better results than the first 50mm cut because I found one of my belts was loose but I’d still like to improve if possible.

[attachment file=102710]
The 100mm square measured 99.42 x 99.71 and the 50mm square measured 49.62 x 49.70.

[attachment file=102709]
Any suggestions on what I could try to get theses a little more accurate? Especially in the Y direction.

Just for reference, I was using estlcam and using the standard starting settings. I ran these with a finishing pass to hopefully keep the sides as smooth as possible for measuring.

Try drawing with a pen, if the dimensions are correct we can narrow down the source of the error.


Also try a few more of those cuts your errors are not making sense. One is staying the same and one is double, it should be one or the other never both.