New Build Noob Questions

Hi guys, I am a mechanical engineering student just trying to learn more about CNC, solid modeling, 3d printing etc. I have made a few basic arduino projects and a robotic arm project and I am learning more and decided to try something bigger. I am looking at building a MPCNC, with hopes of using it as a router, engraver, 3d printer and ceramic printer. I would like to eventually be able to cut out a guitar body and neck, do relief prints, 3d print random items and housings for various projects. I want to build something that will be able to do all of these things with little restrictions. My question: is this basic kit enough for my needs?

I noticed there are different power supplies and different controllers and Im not sure which is the best for my needs. I would like to build something 3x3 or bigger if possible.

Would also love some advice on 3d printer heads and ceramic printing heads if possible. I know I have a ton of questions but would love some input as I start my first MPCNC journey.

Thanks guys.

The setup you selected would help with the CNC aspects, but the power supply would not work for a 3D printer - you’d need a power supply with more current capacity for the extruder heater and a heated bed. The general recommendations have been to start small. Based on what you said you’d like to do, I would start with getting the CNC working with a working area of about 2 feet by 2 feet by 4 inches. It’s not hard to make it bigger, usually just some wires and longer conduit. If you want to start with 3D printing, then I’d recommend the MP3DP as a good starting point a special purpose machine which can teach the basics of movement.

If you have the room (and funds) you can do like many forum members have done and use one machine to build the other. I started out with a 3D printer and printed out the parts for a MPCNC. Check around for friends or maker spaces that can print out the parts for you. Feel free to ask as many questions as you need to here also.

Are there any benefits to having the ed printer rather than the MPCNC with a 3d printing extruder on it? I would rather have it all in one package if possible. Thanks for the replies!

A short MPCNC is the best way to build it, most people want a tall 3D printer… so if you are cool with short 3D printed parts there is not issue, but a tall MPCNC is mediocre a short one can blow your mind.

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