New build Northern CA

Thanks to Ryan for the kit!

My 14 y/o and I are really excited to get it built. Kit arrived this last week and my son has been printing parts for a few weeks. Unfortunately, we started printing with the 25mm parts so we’re going to try and make due with the base parts. Fortunately we didn’t print everything so could have been worse. We’ll reprint if things don’t work.

We’re using the recommended build size of 24"x24" which according to the calculator gives us 13.6"x13.6" working size.

We have a Prusa i3 MK2.5S and using Hatchbox yellow. We cut the conduit today and started the corner pieces with the print running to finish up some of the final parts.

We’re going to start with a Dremel 4200 which is only lightly used so fingers crossed.

We’ve been looking at the forums for a few weeks now and really impressed with the community here. While we built our Prusa and it has +5000 hours printing this feels more complicated but looking forward to the adventure.

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AWESOME! Can’t wait to see that first crown!

Northern Cali…If you are nearby I might have to come inspect the build.

Yeah, we’re in Scotts Valley so if you’re over on the coast we’d welcome a visit!

Final pieces printing now so should be built sometime this week.

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My son @ctref completed our build and CNC’ed his first logo which turned out great!

I’d also like to offer a sincere thanks to those of you who helped answer his questions. I was traveling on business when he thought he’d fried the Rambo board but with your help he was able to troubleshoot the problems all on his own here on the forums. I encouraged him to engage with the community here and what a wonderful experience for him.

He asked permission to try it out while I was on my drive home and I told him to “go for it!” He called me back a few minutes later just ecstatic about how it turned out.

Just opened a new door on his journey exploring engineering.

Really proud of him!




Me too!

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Can I give this story more than one thumbs up?


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