New Build quick questions

Hello everyone,

I am starting a new router build, and after going over the forums I still have a couple of quick questions. I am building a 36"x24"x10" unit which will have a dewalt router as a spindle. My questions are as follows;

  1. I have a bunch of Acme 1/2 - 10 single start rod and hardware sitting around, I wonder if I could convert the Z axis to acme? Has anyone done this?

  2. I have the following electronics / software;
    a. Gecko G540 driver
    b. Super PID speed control
    c. Mach 3 Software, (soon to be Mach 4)

    Has anyone run the unit with a similar setup? - More curious on this than anything.

Will it help if I document the electronics hookup for the community? Thanks for the awesome design and your help.


Yes please lets see what you do with all that!
I have been looking into making something like that super PID, slickā€¦

The ACME would be good if you have ball screws and can fit it in there, but if it just has the brass nut you might wanna stay away.