New build, snug fit


I’m working on my first build and looking for a little guidance. I printed out all the parts a few months ago (which may have been a mistake) and just now getting around to assembling everything. I guess my question is are the parts that ride on the conduit supposed to roll freely without much resistance or should the be snug. Right now I can get them on the conduit but they don’t move too freely, it takes a decent amount of force to roll it along the conduit. My guess is I need to reprint everything scaled slightly larger but not for sure. Any guidance you all can lend would be appreciated.


I have yet to finish printing all of my parts, so I can’t comment on fit. One thing you could do to test if everything is scaled correctly is to check how other things fit. Do nuts fit in holes printed to keep them in place? What about the conduit in the feet or corner blocks? I kind of doubt scaling is your issue or you would have run into other problems assembling the rollers.

Are all your boots tight? I believe you have to leave them some what loose and tighten until you have just a little resistance rolling on the tube.
Hopefully that makes sense. It’s what I did and seems to work

Scaling would be bad. Mine usually take some force to roll and don’t slide by themselves. You an make sure that the tension bolts are loose. On the roller f it would be the long bolts, those control tension. Any bearing that has plastic on both sides, I call them the middle bearings, That bolt controls tension a little bit make sure they are loose. Actually make sure all the bolts are really really loose. I only sung things up after test runs to make sure it is good to go.

Ok, good to know. I will continue on with my assembly journey and ask questions if I run into any other issues. Thanks for your help :slight_smile: