New build Spokane WA

I’m about half way threw printing parts and just ordered the hardware kit. A homedepot trip tomorrow to get the conduit. If I keep on the same schedule I should have everything ready to go by the time the hardware gets here. At the start of the year I was going to build the LowRider2, ordered the plates and then had an unexpected bill come up and all my extra cash went bye bye. It was probably a blessing because once I got a table saw, cross cut saw, drill press, and the van in the garage. I dont think a 9’ x 5’ would fit in there. Time to build a dedicated shed for the LowRider2…if my wife will let me

You will have a fully kitted out shop now!

Yeah buddy

Sad face! The first failure printing parts. My blue spool printing the motor mounts had a bad rap! Either manufacturer defect or the previous owner accidentally unwound it and re wrapped it. Either way broken filament at the 30% mark. I thought it would have happened when I printed the xy burly (26 hour print)

So close I can taste it!

Probably shouldn’t be tasting that osb. Who knows what they use for glue. ?


I’m in Dayton, Washington. If you get down this way stop in and see mine.


I have movement!

Except I accidentally threaded belt threw a wire cluster. So I’m going to need to un belt it tomorrow.


D’oh. Well, it will be better the second time :).

After belting it threw the wire cluster of the x axis(for a second time). I finally and successfully drew a crown. Also next Time start a hair higher. Got some weird drag from the marker tip

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Up and running. Still need to fix my wiring. I just get too excited.

Next up. Laser

Pew pew

Next is to figure out dust collection! Looks good!

I did, put it on the floor

I actually need to finish up my wiring and clean the table off.

Always fun to see first movements. It is so interesting to see folks in various stages of completion and what they are already doing.

I’m waiting on finishing my table and hold down system before I get it dirty. My first project will be a cyclone separator for a shop vac. I’ll use another vac in the meanwhile for that first cut.

I’m also impressed that so many folks have multi-colored builds. Hey, use the filament you have. The color sure shows up better in the pics.

Keep them coming. Always good for inspiration.


There was a program that ended and she posted all the filament at $4 a open roll and $8 a closed roll so I spent $130 on 30lbs of pla(all different colors) so used all the smaller rolls first. I get very impatient with my projects. I have a 95% done arcade machine in my living room. My 3d printer is still at the 90% mark. This thing is around 80%. 60% if you count the laser I haven’t built yet. My basement I need to finish and tables I need to re stain and seal. A new table to build but I want to do an epoxy pour and engrave the table first. Yay projects