New Build - Stuck at Board/Firmware

First time post, long time reader. I have spent the past 3 months preparing, purchasing, assembling - and currently am so very close to completion. I have a BTT SKR 1.4 Turbo, TMC2209 Drivers and a TFT35v2 Screen. I am starting with X (move & home) to start. I know it is wired correctly, i know the stepper motors works (tested on other gear) - yet when in the screen menu I hit the X+ or X-, no movement. I also have red text across the top ‘No Printer Attached!’. I am accustom to seeing the XYZ coords change when i move positions on the screen - yet those never change either.

I have dual endstops for Y & Z and a single endstop for X. I planned on having it home top-left of the table

I have pulled down multiple firmware, and tried to compile on my own as well without success.
and this for the screen:

Please guide me to the right places/processes/guides

I realize I needed to set my screen rate to 250000….and TaDa! My X is moving in the correct direction and X-home works too!

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