New build, Telemark Norway

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Hi all!

I’m going to bed now and when I wake up my last essential part should be done printing! My Sunday plan is building a 300 x 500 mm working area mpcnc with a Makita router.

This will be my first cnc router and I’m very excited about it! I’ve been eyeing an xcarve for years but I have never had both money and opportunity at the same time, still haven’t but the cost and size flexibility of the mpcnc makes it impossible to ignore and will be the exactly the adventure I need and want this summer!

I'll be updating here soon!


Looks good! Greetings from Tromsø here. What board/controller are you going to use? My work area is planned to be 400*600mm. I’m curious if it’ll make a big difference in stability versus your build. Let’s see in time :slight_smile:

I bought the kit from here with the regular Rambo board, I think… Haven’t really dived into that part yet.

Yeah I want to build the biggest machine possible but this is my first so I’ll be a little conservative also until I can get a garage built I really can’t fit anything deeper than a kitchen counter top.

Day one of assembly[attachment file=106689]


Got a lot done, cut tubing and assembled a good portion of the machine. The #3dprinted parts were a little small so I had to drill the holes and really force the tubing in were applicable. I’ve destroyed one part which was totally my own fault because I switched filament mid print to a different kind and the layers did not merge correctly. I also made a small crack in one piece but I’m hoping it isn’t critical. Hope to finish building it this week but I do have a day job to tend to #oneweektovacation!

You are almost ready to get it dirty, really good sized build, should be super fun.

Wow! didnt expect to find this many norwegians on here.

Greetings from Toten^^


Where did you guys buy your conduit rails and what dimensions are they?

Hello Toten, welcome to the show! Tromsø here.

I’m using 25mm steel pipes from Biltema. I believe many Norwegians do. I’m still in the print process, but I have an impression of that these pipes fit really well for this project.


From Hvarnes, Vestfold here!

I used these tubes aswell, and found them a bit oval due to the weld. Had to pay attention to where the weld was so it’a not on a bearing then it worked perfect!

I used this and a drill to polish the tubes.

Used Autosol first, then cleaned them with WD40, then I had some greas on them to prevent rust.



Thanks Ryan I can’t wait to get it dirty! Finished printing the part that fell apart last night so I just need a little free time for some more assembly!

Super fun seeing this many fellow Norwegians here!

Yeah I also bought the tubing from biltema. Seems fine to me, as I have mentioned some parts were super tight on the tubing but the bearing parts seem to roll very nicely on the tubes.

Did a little late evening assembly on the mpcnc today, I’m getting very close to booting it up for the first time! Super excited to start making chips!

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Vakkert! Beautiful!

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I have finished the build! Well mostly, it's functional at least! I have a lot of cable management to do and I need a place to keep my laptop but it works!

I printed the crown and I think it looks great! The paper was poorly attached to the table so it moved a little. I used Ryan's gcode, can't seem to get estlcam to work right. Do I have to buy it to get it working? Or am I doing something wrong?



You are going to have to elaborate on what is happening, Follow the estlcam setup and crown tutorial.

I was just fooling around in estlcam now and I figured out what I had done wrong. When I tried making the program for the crown I always got a runtime of like 4 hours(!) and when i did try it the machine would just stand there vibrating! But now I see my error I had followed your feeds and speeds from the guide and set it to 10 mm/s or so i thought! I was actually set to 10mm/min! So like 0.2mm/s which didn’t work so well…

I did a test today with the pen, made a beautiful piece of gaming art! Joking aside it came out perfect!

[attachment file=107432]

And I seem to have a very basic handle on estlcam. So I decided to mount the makita and try my hand on some wood! And I'm pleased to say it worked perfectly as well!

[attachment file=107433]

It’s not perfect but it was my first try, speeds and feeds need to be tuned as it did plunge the whole v bit straight into the wood and that did bog down the makita some and it did leave a bit rough surface doing so. But overall I’m super happy! And can’t wait to do more with it!

Thank you Ryan and I’m pleased to say I got it super dirty!

My eyes may be tricking me, but it also looks like when the bit was rising up to make a corner, it wasn’t doing it at quite the right angle. That usually means the bit angle isn’t quite what you have in estlcam. Especially looking at the second wing on the left side. It otherwise looks perfect, but near the corners, it’s not coming up fast enough to make that side be flat.

It’s definitely cool looking though, and I would be happy to hang that on my wall. Congratulations!

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Oh OK, I’ll check the angle on it! It’s a cheap China bit from ebay, supposed to be 60 degrees but I haven’t checked it myself.

Thanks! I really can’t wait to do more stuff like this!

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I’m assembling now, and have used the sanding/polishing jig to make the biltema pipes smoother. Now the rollers move easily, but they feel as rattling/clanking along the pipes. Its like the pipes are not very flat, or all the bearings are having the same weakness! Anybody else who has encountered this? I guess it doesn’t matter, as long as things roll easily enough.

I didn’t do anything to my tubes and it works great, but I haven’t checked tolerances really. But it does function very well.

But I can’t say mine feel rattly though, it’s not super smooth but they roll fairly easy and are very tight on the tubes.

I wonder if the bearings are of a bad quality. I have no idea to determine it. I guess I can try with a different type that I have lying around.

Good to hear that the Biltema pipes are rolled well upon! I'm still glad that I have sanded them, they look very shiny ;-)