New build TX

What a great project.

Just finished my project today.

Used schedule 40 aluminum with .1455 wall.


I cant wait to strap the router on but 1st I have a question. Can I add endstops to my mini Rambo board?




Dual endstops for auto-squaring requires five independent drivers, two for X, two for Y, and one for Z. The mini Rambo has only four, so I’m afraid it’s not possible.

I’m interested to hear how well the aluminum works.

I’ll add, single endstops are possible, but aren’t very useful. We just use G92 to tell the machine where zero is, because it changes on every workpiece.

And I’ll jump in to warn that you’re liable to be replacing the tubes pretty soon. There’s a fair amount of force in the bearing to tubing contact, and aluminum will deform pretty rapidly.

Thank you @Jamie guess a new motherboard will be on the Christmas list. On the bright side I can now start planning a lowrider :).

Thanks @Jeffeb3. Will have to add G92 to my routine.

@Bill I will monitor for any deformation thanks. I did not snug up the bearings to much so the rollers get on and off the tube with not to much force and I did check that they are sturdy. It is always a challenge when you mix materials. I thought 0.1455 in walls will help prevent deformation and still keep it light. Added some pictures.

Still have to tidy up wiring and get it to the workshop before I can run it thru the paces.

Another Texas build! Interested to see how the aluminum holds up. Have fun!

Well I mean, you don’t really need an endstop for the Z axis if you just want auto squaring. I don’t have mine hooked up right now.

Just make sure you don’t accidentally home the Z into the bed or raise it up too high where it falls out of the gantry.

Thanks, I will keep y’all posted on the aluminum.

That was what I thought as well about squaring x and y.