new build upgrade questions before I buy

I’ve just got my first 3d printer. (the Monoprice Duplicator 6 clone)
after some trinkets, a few custom rocket cones, I started printing out this project in 1" about a week ago.
Prints are coming out great.

I’ve been building shopping carts, and I’m a sucker for an upsell…
I already have the 1 inch tubing from an old weight set. two 6ft steel? tubes and two 6ft solid rods.

I’ve looked at some of these projects before.
I guess my first question is has anyone used a low tpi Ball Screw before?
I’ve heard Zaxis speed being a common “want more” category.

Also, are all nema17 steppers the same? nema is just a form factor standard right?
what should I be looking for? or take the top/cheapest find?

Thank you!

If you are going to try the solid rods make sure they are on the non-moving sides.

Ball screw would be amazing…but usually cost in the hundreds. The z-axis speed is only noticeable when doing 3d cuts even then it is not a deal breaker cutting in 3D is slower, most 2.5D cuts only use a few z moves. In my opinion a ball screw is not worth the money. I know it is hard but a lot of people come here see this and try to make improvements before they try it out. Try it stock first and see if there is anything you want to change. I have spent a lot of time trying to optimize everything for specific parts. Changing things can make it perform worse. If I thought something was drastically better no matter what the cost I would recommend it and maybe a less expensive alternative. None so far.

Nema 17 is the face size. The length is usually proportional-ish to the holding torque. so the other common number you will see with it is holding torque in N/M or Oz/in.

I can’t make any recommendations other than What I recommend in all the parts pages I have been through many parts and recommend them all for a reason. You have given no information about desired size or use. This is all also covered in the FAQ’s.

I will buy you a ballscrew if yoy design a Z nutlock mount for it :wink: