New Build Weird Fault

Hi Everyone,

I have a MPCNC Primo using SKR 1.4 Turbo. I have recently added dual end stops which are now installed and configured. I have a weird issue in the Y dimension. It gets smaller the further away from 0 but only in the Y axis. I did move a lot of stuff around reconfiguring and its got new Marlin firmware.

See the pic below, ignore the missing bits that is due to a warped board. Any ideas?

If this compression and expansion is consistent over multiple cutting projects from the same origin, then look at your belts. If you used steel reinforced belts, the steel breaks after some use resulting varied spacing of the teeth on the belt. If the spacing change you are seeing is not consistent, look at the grub screws that hold the pulley to the shaft of the stepper motor.

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Thanks Robert will check these and get back to you

So it turns out it was Aspire causing the issue, switched to Estlcam and all now good, had a slight skew which I corrected in Marlin.

Thanks to all for the forums, amazing community and support, amazing thing you’ve made here thanks Ryan!

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