New build Yorkshire

Thought I sight to start doing a build log, as things moving along slowly.

Have printed all the parts, hot the bolts and bearings and ordered the pipe last week.

Turned attention to the motherboard today skr pro, TFT 35 E3. Downloaded the skr pro dual end stop code from GitHub.

So far had a few issues compiling the code, until I swapped to another machine and it built marlin with no issues - hate computers…

Next task was to upload it, agsin this failed miserably via USB cable, so decided to copy it to the usb, where upon it updated the board and I received a nice v1 engineering screen…happy days.

Well that was short-lived, once past the boot screen had a TMC connection error on the screen.

Rechecked the board, I had 5 steppers installed, marlin was configured for 4 or am I miss understanding something and should actually have 6 steppers installed?

Confused of Yorkshire…

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I hope we will have a prebuilt version for basically this configuration and 2209 drivers so you wouldn’t even have to build it.

I didn’t realize you could flash it over usb. I have been using the sd card.

There is different firmware on the screen and on the controller. The logo would tell you you flashed the screen.

We really need instructions. Just to provide a concrete path, and we can just talk about the deviations…

If EXTRUDERS=1, and the extruder driver is set to TMC2209, Then it will complain if there isn’t a driver in all 6 ports. If the firmware is set to EXTRUDERS=0, Then it should be 5, nothing in E2.

If you share some photos of what you have, we can try to figure it out.

In the default setup the extruders were set to 1, changed it to 0 and rebuilding it.

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Forgot to say was having trouble building the source code on my machine, ran ccleaner on my pc and it appears to have sorted the issue. Still not as fast as my laptop for building but at least it’ll work now.


Changed extruder to 0 and error message gone now thanks.

So, going to wire the motors in to test, will look at adding end stops as well to test whilst pipe turns up.

Any guide on wiring these?


It looks like you’ve got the perfect hardware to be a guinea pig. Ryan is working on selling similar hardware (but v1.2 of the skr pro, which uses the same software):

I have been working on an automated builder for the firmware for this board, and bringing some of the screen edits from the community to use this screen for CNC milling. I think we are in a pretty good place if you’d like to test it:

I can send you some files to flash if you’d like.

The endstops are bit tricky on this board, because they are wired directly into the drivers for sensorless homing. You will have to cut or bend the sensorless homing pins on the TMC2209s to get them off of the circuit, and then you can wire the endstops like any other board. On the switches, connect the C and NC to wires. Connect one wire to (-) and one to (s). Don’t connect anything to (+).

xmin to x1, xmax to x2, ymin to y1, ymax to y2. The Z is configured for a touch plate, which is inverted from the others.


Where are you in Yorkshire? I’m on the west side, in Clapham, NW of Settle and SE of Kirkby Lonsdale. We have similar kit, though I use the SKR V1.3 MB, TMC 2209s, dual end stops and a Raspberry PI. I don’t use the TFT screen though.

I have just finished my Burly version of MPCNC and finding new ways to destroy my machine and work.


Hi Rob,

I’m south Yorkshire, between Doncaster and Barnsley, I need to get hold of some end stops for my build and currently waiting for the pipe to turn up then I’m sure loads of questions will be asked lol.

Looking forward to it though.


P.S. I was thinking of printing the Primo off (currently have Burly printed) but my 3d printer seems to be misbehaving at the moment.


I’m driving past you around 18:00 tonight as I’m heading to Chesterfield to pick up two motor bikes. I’m then turning round and driving all the way back again :slight_smile:

I brought two sets of end stops, the first were too small as the mounting holes didn’t line up with the Burley plates. I think these are the ones I brought in the end

Mine have red coated ends to the levers but the key thing is the spacing in the main holes.

They work well for me.

Space is a key issue for me, and the Primo appears to give slightly smaller cutting area. Also I haven’t yet got the most out of my Burly so I’m staying with that for a while. As the Primo is still at V1 (though I know lots of people have tested it), I’ll wait for the first ‘Service Pack’ or major upgrade as people work out the kinks. After saying that, there has been an awful lot of interest from people about the CNC machine and if we get a small maker area set up, I may well donate it and start again with the Primo.

lets see how it goes. I would recommend asking as many questions as you can. I did, people are very helpful and responsive.


I have some spare end stops if that helps you…

If you want to meet at a convenient point you can have four of them for nothing.


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Hi Rob,

That would be superb also very generous - you sure I can’t give you anything for them,?

I’ll pm you if that’s ok?


Met Rob tonight, thanks for the end-stops will put them to good use - well hopefully will once the machine is put together.



Pleased to help. Wire the two outside connections into a JTAG, though I’m not sure what your MB connections are. if I thought about it, I should have given you some JTAGS as well. My bad :frowning:

I got back at just after 23:00 last night and unloaded the bikes. Pleasure to meet you, hope it goes well, if in doubt ask questions. There’s lots of experience on here, and it’s very doubtful you will have a problem that nobody has seen before.

My only advice is “measure twice, cut once” :slight_smile:



Finally the stainless steel tube is ready to be picked up, managed to source it through work so can’t complain at the delay.

If time allows we’re, I am making this with the father-in-law, going to mock thus all up to see exactly what we’ve got, will fit the stepper motors then decide on where it is to be situated (luckily have a large outbuilding to put it in).

Next I suppose need to start to look at cabling it a up.

Need to extend the wires for the stepper motors, wire the end stops in etc etc.

What cable, crimpers, etc do I need to order for this? Again fairly new to all this electronics.


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Not sure if this image will load or not?

It did. Looks good! The leather look (maybe its just a table cloth) makes it look tough.

Leather? The cloth backing makes me think a noble Nauga lost its struggle with a mighty hunter…

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Nauga beats the most worth and tasty of them all

Lol, parents in law dining room table at the mo.