New build --

Finished my build a week or so ago, got so wrapped up in finishing it that I decided to do it on a Friday night and 11 days later I was completely done, patience is not my best attribute.

First I want to thank Ryan for his awesome design, seriously, the printed parts are perfect and easy to print, everything went together so smooth. I had a machinist boner putting the middle carriage together and seeing all the parts fit and work together.

I run a metal fabrication and machine shop, I program the CNC mills, lasers and plasmas. Its amazing for what little money the MPCNC is what you can get done with it, of course its not the sturdiest, fastest, industrial machine but man is it fun.

I just realized I dont have a full picture of it done but here is one right before wiring up and all. I will be making a post over in what Ive made with some stuff made.

[attachment file=39521]

Thanks again Ryan, building this thing was a joy.

Glad you like it. Can’t to see what you can teach us.

Shoot this wood machining is something new for me to learn.

It is amazing about how the sturdiness and build of a machine limits speed and feeds.

I remember getting out of high school and talking my dad into getting the first CNC mill for his business, I looked up speeds and feeds to machine something and hit go and that thing chattered and vibrated like crazy, I finally found the right feeds and speeds for that machine.

A few years later we finally got the real deal, 40,000 lbs machine, it runs those speeds and feeds.