New Built and First Cuts in NY

Hello All,

I’ve been planning this build for probably a year now, since I first came across V1. Ordering the Low Rider Kit from Ryan earlier this year and now have some more free time due to being locked at home. I am far from done with the final stages of the build, but I got far enough to try to make some cuts

-The table is made from 8020 extrusion members that were left overs from work, boss to me to get rid of them, so I did.
-Built to handle 4x8 sheets
-Currently the plates are 3D printed, will be one of my next pieces to make once I get the spoil board down. Not sure when I will replace them, as I will eventually move the table to my shed(Thats the next project…)
-Controlling with an old laptop running CNC.JS
-This is my first run at CAM and I decided to jump straight into Fusion 360. Ended up not being to bad, I still have a lot to learn but I am able to make the machine do what I want. I have ran two programs so far, the first was the hello world engraving, the second is the odd shaped pocket with a tool change to engrave “Test”. I have a little bit of G-code knowledge from a CNC Laser Welder I run, helped getting going. I have some work to do with my X and Z axis still, I am noticing some jostling while moving the x, I am thinking it has to do with the weak place not providing enough rigidity.
-I plan on fully redoing the electronics at some point, energy chain, E-box mounted to side, possibly a spindle upgrade, atleast the ability to control the router using G-code.

I am excited to start this next hobby to take the rest of my spare time.





Great looking build! Those cuts look great.

I just want to know what you were building with 8020! That stuff is huuuuuuge!

I mean, there are worse things to have to “get by” with… ha ha. Looking great, I have a feeling some neat things will come from this one.

That’s an awesome table!

Very nice build. I was looking at your setup and I noticed that your y axis plastic pieces you used to attach the zip ties and the belt to look different from the standard ones. If so, is this something you made and where can I get the file for this? The standard ones are not really going to work well with the table I have and I am looking for alternatives. Thanks!