New Dust Shoe using modified Z clamps

First off I want to thank this site and the creators of the MPCNC and everyone in the forums for providing helpful info. I have spent the last few weeks building my first MPCNC Primo and as of today it is working perfectly.

I’m just in the middle of carving my waste board mounting system for clamps but I thought I would share the dust shoe I have designed for the MPCNC Primo using modified Z clamps and 8mm smooth rods.

The dust shoe moves separate from the Z carriage so it can remain at the surface of the material on moves.


Here is the completed machine and the dust boot and mount.
More closeups to come in a min, can only post one pic at a time.


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Nice set up! I had a friend Dick Hepburn, many years ago, his son was David. Any relation to you?

Here’s the link to your dust shoe:


Awesome, thanks!

I’m sure there are a few Hepburn families but I’m related to the line that Mitch Hepburn (Former Premier of Ontario) and Katharine Hepburn came from as far as I understand :wink:

That looks great. I fixed the link, but it is more work to combine posts :slight_smile:


I’ve also uploaded my modified drag chain and new X Y truck mounts for the chains.

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