New Estlcam User, new to MPCNC help with using outside text?

What is causing the endmill to make these cuts into the letters? i doesnt show this in the estlcam
Thanks for the help!

Looks like a flat or ball nose end mill being used for v-carving

I am using the 1 flute end mill bought here by v1. here is a pic of the tool path im using.

You need the angle to be 180 degree for a regular flute mill. I can’t see your setting from this screen, but this is how it looks for me:

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ok thanks, ill give this a try.

even after changing the angle to 180 degrees i still get this tool path into the letters.

Carve tool path works best with v bits that is what the extra lines are ment to be cut with. The flat cut can be made with a box around the text and cutting a island using the pocket tool for the text to be raised

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This is correct. Using the “hole” and “part” options would w.

I think i got it, ill try to do an actual cut and see how it turns out, thanks for the help. Btw I selected pocket outside within the text tool under the style menu.


I’ve not used the text tool much i do most of that in inkscape and import the svg and work from there. It looks like your getting a handle on it though :smirk:

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