new feet??? stl???

Hey there… I am almost done printing my parts. I have not done the feet yet. Today someone posted a box opening for a kit… they got NEW feet!!.. I would like the stl pleeease :smiley: I can print those instead of the “old” version.

I am leaving for the post office. I can put them up shortly. I tested them a few days ago…they are nice and work as intended.

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Any quick update on this? Getting ready to do a final take-down / re-square everything and was hoping to get some new legs on it if they exist.

Sorry, I will try and get them up shortly. It takes more than I remembered to do this. So many pages to update. Worth the wait though. I am going to make a note and this is first thing on my list, but if it takes too long I will have to get the shipping out/orders filled.

No worries! Thanks for all the work and engineering you do for these machines.


Of course the feet were the first items I printed on my build…haha!


Nice design though :slight_smile:

Oooo, now I’m a famous foot model! Wait until my agent hears. :wink:

Give my accountants address to your agent.

S Claus

132 Candy Cane Lane

North Pole, Up North 10000

Can’t find that address…,+AK+99705/@64.753719,-147.4032388,13z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x51324d51d5c5f2b9:0xda1a7714d9d98964!8m2!3d64.7511111!4d-147.3494443

I bet Fairbanks just wanted to tell people, “We’re ten miles farther than the north pole”

Pretty much. I graduated from NP high school. We lived further north in Chatanika for a while too. I find it odd that more people live in Dayton Ohio, than the whole state of AK.

I find it odd that AK has more area than half the lower 48.

Because it isn’t even in the country!

Santa Claus
North Pole H0H0H0


That’s why we make fun of Texans when they say everything is bigger in Texas!

Okay, maybe it’s time to replace my feet…[attachment file=57182]

That and don’t turn it up to 300%…