New Firmware for V1 Year 5

The info for this is spread out over a long time and many threads. If you would like I can start to link them all here. @anttix and @jeffeb3 worked out an automated system for maintaining the firmware we use.

Quick highlights

  • We get access to daily, bleeding edge builds for every single variation…for multiple Marlin branches as well.
  • We get “releases” that I put a stamp on for that stable user experience.
  • We get way more options for boards, endstops, setups, and configurations. Ease of use for advanced options…more to come.
  • I don’t have to actually do as much work (fingers crossed) for each release.
  • Firmware bin files come out pre-compiled for the SKR pro.
  • Any real Marlin edits that cause an issue will be caught within 24hrs…no more trying to track down a several month old change.

The downside…We need you guys to flash and test them!!! Feel free to submit a Pull Request of just let us know here if you find any issues. I would really appreciate a little note saying what firmware you tried and what you did to test it.

“EG…V502,, small wood part milled, seems good to go”


Bleeding edge,

these are for you to use, but I don’t think reporting issues on these is too useful as they change daily.