New Firmware MPCNC813_GLCD

Hi guys,

First off I know nothing but what it shows on firmware page about arduino and flashing board. I see there was a new firmware update and was going to flash my board. I followed the steps, but after plugging USB to my board, the port on the tools menu is still grey and cannot be selected. For some reason my computer does not see it.

Any suggestions? When installing the Arduino on my computer I installed everything that popped up for drivers.



What board? Ramps or Mini-rambo?

Ramps that I got from you a little over a year ago.

If you are using windows.

I would say either try a different USB cable, a different port, if that doesn’t work then you can take the arduino off the ramps shield and try to just flash the mega by itself.

If you are using MAC it is some sort of buadrate issue.

It is Windows, not a Mac. I used my printer USB that I know works.

What main features or fixes am I going to be missing, just the hold time after cut?

Yup just the hold after cut. No big deal, mainly for the lowrider and the two guys who’s routers were so smooth they dropped on power down.

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