New galleries

That’s a lot of my face.

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Did it work?

I have “tags” enabled, but maybe I can enable “tags/gallery” or “tags/gallery-mpcnc”

I did not want to change any settings until we are sure it works.

I didn’t know we get super top secret clearance levels! … I don’t think I made the cut :frowning_face: some day, maybe.

Oh, yes. It did.

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New phone, never look at the gallery on phone anyway.

Browser wars and old people. :slight_smile:

In a perfect world…

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Came with discourse, levels, I need to lower the bar for level 3 since we only have 28 people there, but I need to be careful with that as there are privileges associated with it.

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yeah, best you don’t give me any power. that’s for sure.

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When viewing on my Android phone through Chrome gallery views always look like your second picture. No matter if I am viewing it normally, desktop site in Chrome, or desktop view in Discourse. The only thing that changes is the top menu bar.

Edit: When Chrome desktop site plus Discourse desktop view shows like first picture.

As long as you get pictures that is okay.

Just don’t want to screw up and give 500 people the power to move and edit others posts.

It is super easy to populate this gallery and others can pitch in. Very improved over the previous one? Should there be more categories? If we did more categories there would have to be a landing page and links to each. With just two categories I can add both to the main menu.

Looks great the way it is. One can always click on the tags link and see all the tagged categories (at least on my desktop in chrome)…


Trying to make the rest of the tagged posts not a picture gallery though. I liked how those were before but I am willing to sacrifice them for the gallery.

OMG! Look at those galleries. I am ripping through adding as many as I can (some do not have direct picture links). I just had to stop and say thank you all.

YOU ARE ALL AWESOME!!! Those projects are so freaking amazing. I am so proud to be apart of all this!

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What’s going on with posts like this?

It won’t let me pick a thumbnail. Is that because the images are hosted somewhere else or something?

I think older posts that came through from the old forums do not register for some reason. Best I could do was download and re-upload a picture.

Hmm, that is a newer one. The image looks to be in the exact same format as the rest. Not sure what is up with that.

I’m sorry to interrupt this gallery affair. I just want to share that this new update/version/feature has made the layout in both the app and the Chrome browser full of air. Now I only see half of the content, compared to earlier in the view.

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I think they show the tags in the list. Most posts don’t have tags, so they have whitespace.

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If they do not have a picture, or a thumbnail selected it leaves space. I will try to fix that now, so the gallery might get wonky for an hour or two.