New galleries

New feature

Lots of work to do but wanted to get feedback

So far I have a LowRider gallery, and a MPCNC gallery. Should this be individual galleries instead??? EG, MPCNC aluminum, mpcnc laser, mpcnc plasma, MPCNC Wood…

Here is what they look like currently.



This is the plugin I am using if you know how to make it look better, feel free to let me know. Topic List Previews - plugin - Discourse Meta There are more than 30 options to try and decipher.

Adding projects

If you have a project you are proud of (don’t be shy), Please add a reply to your thread and let us know to add it to the gallery. If you have an outside project please start a thread with a link and at least one picture and we can add it!

Level 3 Members

Help me populate the galleries please. :hugs:

Users that are level 3 or higher can add a tag (use the ones already created they all start with “gallery”), and you also need to choose the thumbnail. You can do this by editing the original posts title and adding the tag, then you will also see a new box to choose a thumbnail.


I am trying to phase out the old website but loved the galleries, unfortunately they took a lot of work to populate and will not work on the new site (shopify or

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Where do we go to see the galleries? I am on mobile, do I need to go to the tag on desktop?

Wait. It looks like it works on mobile firefox, and in the desktop mode in mobile firefox.

It looks like it doesn’t work in chrome on my android mobile. Weird.

Just to be clear, we aren’t putting all the crowns in galleries, right? :slight_smile:

Chrome on my Android is working great?

How bad does it look? Mine is a decent list, turn on desktop mode and it looks like the picture wall. Hmm maybe dark mode is the key, lemme check.
edit Nope still works, shoot.

Desktop mode on my phone.

That is the old look, cleared the cache?

Why is web design work so funky???

Expected desktop mode, android, chrome

Expected mobile view, android, chrome.

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Is that desktop in the browser, or desktop in the site menu? Ticking desktop mode in the browser did nothing, but selecting desktop mode in the site menu (next to your profile pic) worked.

That’s what mine looks like. I will try killing and restarting chrome. I don’t get many options in chrome.

I tried it in incognito mode and it looked the same (but white, none of my settings). I couldn’t take a screenshot in incognito mode.

Weird, in settings, privacy, do you have preload selected (on your phone)?

That’s not checked. I didn’t think any of that would matter in a private window. Can you try in an incognito window in your mobile chrome to make sure it isn’t one of your settings?

Well Heffe, Right again. incognito, plain ol list. No pics.

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So then… What setting is it, and can we set that as the default so new users get gallery hotness without instructions?

Well, I have an idea. hang on once sec

That doesn’t explain why it worked in firefox without me logging in. This is black magic.

I think it works now, refresh everything

I have it showing on all of “tags”, I just enabled “tags-mobile” as well and it works in incognito mode for me, switch between desktop and normal to trigger it.

No I would like to disable it on all of the tags page except the tags I choose, for example looks a little…Heffe centric