New here - how tight is the fit of printed parts?

Hi! Thank you to the designers and makers for this machine, I, like most, have to see how deep the rabbit hole is now I am in it…!

Quick beginner question, I’ve printed a few parts, maybe 8 of the total 40 odd. I’m worried how tight the parts such as Z_Lower_J_Burly are on the conduit. I am concerned they will crack when I build. As they are now I need to lever open the part to get the conduit in. Should they be slide on fit or impossible without some persuasion as I am finding? Using PLA and 25.4mm tubes and Burly 25.4 stl’s

Might be I need to print at 100.5% or some other solution depending on thoughts?

Thank you very much


In my case, I bought the tubes before printing, it was 25mm tubes (but it seems it was a little larger).

First test, with the Z_Lower_J_Burly 25mm I was unable to fit the tube inside, even by forcing, or by sanding a little bit the piece.

So I have printed the 25.4mm (there is 3 “sizes” of the MPCNC), and this time I was able to fit the piece (but with some pressure).

I have finished my MPCNC and everything seems to be fine.

The pieces are not supposed to crack when you build the machine, you have the control on the pressure of the screws. Just don’t screw too hard when the tutorial say to not screw too hard.

I am sure it is okay, but I strongly suggest you print a large calibration part to check your printer, you would be surprised at how far off they can be.

Thanks for the replies. Have checked calibration, all seems ok so have gone with 100% for all parts.

One more XY Burly to go, also one more delivery to wait on and build is game on! Can’t wait to make some chips

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